Independent consultants

Do you need assistance to:

  • build a model
  • perform a specific piece of analysis
  • build statistical capability or design the project structure
  • move your data analytics from ad hoc analysis into structured, repeatable analyses?

Do you need tailored training, or mentoring for:

  • statistical modelling
  • market research
  • data analytics
  • audit analytics?
These independent consultants may be able to assist you with your analytical projects or provide tailored training to your needs.

Dr. Con Menictas Services
Con is CEO of Strategic Precision, a statistical consulting and research company that specialises in Data, Research and Strategy, fusing all three together to offer clients a total overall data and research solution. He also develops bespoke research methods and predictive models for loyalty behaviour, segmentation and frequent flyer member choices, as well as developing text and data mining solutions for big data. Academically, Con is a quantitative researcher and doctoral supervisor.

Con is an avid user and strong supporter of Stata, both in academia and professional consulting.

He has been using Stata for over 20 years for academic research, statistical consulting and market research, to model big data and to score large commercial databases.

He lectures in market research, managerial and marketing statistics, price modelling, decision modelling and segmentation, six sigma methodology and statistics, at both undergraduate and post-graduate level. Con’s PhD is in measurement theory and applied market research methodology, with particular emphasis on the measurement of brand equity, using choice modelling and structural equation modelling to further develop an information economics model of brand equity, for the purposes of predicting market share. His academic refereed journal publications and conference papers span branding, human machine learning, choice modelling, structural equation modelling, segmentation methods, research methodology, text mining, data mining, health care and psychopathy.

  • Statistical consulting
  • Market segmentation and market research
  • Model development
  • Advisory
  • Mentoring

Contact details: phone: 0425 339 790


LinkedIn: Con Menictas
  • Stata
  • WordStat

Dr. John Gwinyai Nyakuengama (Gwin) Services
Doctor John Gwinyai (Gwin) Nyakuengama founded DatAnalytics, an Australian small business that provides ethical and reliable data analytics and advice. He holds a Doctorate in Quantitative Genetics, a B.Sc. Forestry (with First Class Honours), a Graduate Diploma in Public Sector Management and a French Language Diploma.

Gwin has over 20 years of work experience in the Australian Federal Government (OHS, Education, Employment and VET) and the private sector (CSIRO-FFP). He has extensive expertise in the following key areas:
  • People leadership – team recruitment, staff capacity building, teaching and mentoring
  • Data Strategy, Data Governance and Data Management of national databases
  • Public Programme Management and Impact Evaluation
  • Research, Epidemiology and Forest Genetics
  • Econometrics and Machine Learning
  • Drafting and editing (documents of different genres)
Gwin uses several specialist tools like Stata, WordStat, SAS, R, h2o AutoML, RapidMiner, Tibco Spotfire, Tableau, Microsoft PowerBI and MapInfo. Gwin is well versed in data analysis techniques like Regression, Classification, Multi-level models, Structure Equation Modelling, Time series-, Panel-, Survey- and Survival-data analyses.

Gwin’s detailed CV is available at: CV of Dr Gwin Nyakuengama.

  • Stata training
  • Program evaluation
  • Survey analysis
  • Survival analysis
  • Mentoring
Contact details: email:




  • Stata
  • WordStat

David White Services
David is an experienced data analyst. He has been working in the field of data analytics since 1994 having implemented data analytics at clients and assisted those clients to identify fraud, uncover inconsistencies in their data and helped them build models to reduce costs.

David leads training in audit analytics, introduction to Stata, introduction to WordStat and more.

  • Software training
  • Audit analytics
  • Risk management
  • Process methodologies

Contact details: phone: 0457 356 748



LinkedIn: David White

Twitter: David White

  • Arbutus Analyzer
  • WordStat
  • Stata
  • Stat/Transfer