Stata | Getting Started

Stata | Installation Guide

When you buy your Stata licence through Survey Design and Analysis Services we can provide you with download codes so you can begin analysis of your data sooner. We can also provide you Stata on a DVD if you wish (at an additional cost).

Survey Design and Analysis Services has developed detailed guide books to step you through the download and installation process. The process differs slightly between Windows, Mac and Linux.

To download Stata (after purchase)

Follow these instructions to download your copy of Stata:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the following details to find the download link:
    • Username - from your purchase email
    • Password - from your purchase email
    • Choose the operating system on which you wish to install your Stata
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to download the appropriate install file. File name should be one of:
    • SetupStata.exe - for Windows
    • Stata.dmg - for Apple Macintosh
    • StataLinux64.tar.gz - for Linux 64 bit
  4. The download size is approximately 500Mb

Installing Stata

Installing Stata is easy, simply run the executable and follow the on-screen instructions. If you experience difficulities, first consult the relevant install guide for your operating system. Mac users should check that they are running macOS 10.9 or above.

Install support

If despite following the instructions in the linked manuals you are still having difficulties we can assist you to perform an install via a remote connection. Please call us on 02 6247 0177 (AUS), 021 2975 8996 (ID) or 09 889 2231 (NZ) if you would like our assistance to perform a remote installation for you. Please note that the first session to assist you to install Stata onto your first computer is provided at no cost, however, assistance to install Stata onto subsequent computers may incur a fee of $100 per hour (or part thereof) to perform the remote installation.