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A complete, integrated statistical software package supporting reproducibility

  • Statistics

  • Graphics

  • Data Management

With both a point-and-click interface and a powerful, intuitive command syntax, Stata is fast, accurate, and easy to use.

All analyses can be reproduced and documented for publication and review. Version control ensures statistical programs will continue to produce the same results no matter when you wrote them.

Stata | Statistics - A broad suite of statistical features

Stata puts hundred of statistical tools at your fingertips from standard methods for students and general practitioners to advanced techniques for complex statistical analysis of large datasets.

Standard methods:

  • Basic tablulations and summaries
  • Case-control analysis
  • Linear regression
  • Time-series smoothers
  • Generalised linear models (GLM)
  • Cluster analysis
  • Contrasts and comparisons
  • Power analysis
  • Sample selection
  • and more...

Advanced techniques:

  • Multi-level models
  • Survival models with frailty
  • Dynamic panel-data regressions
  • Structural equation modelling
  • Binary, count, and censored outcomes
  • ARCH
  • Multiple imputation
  • Survey data
  • Treatment effects
  • Exact statistics
  • Bayesian analysis
  • Item response theory
  • Bayesian analysis
  • and more..

New in Stata 15:

  • ERM: Endogeneity+Selection+Treament
  • Latent Class Analysis (LCA)
  • Finite mixture models
  • Markdown and dynamic documents
  • linearised DSGEs
  • Spatial autoregressive models
  • Interval-censored survival models
  • Mixed logit models: Advanced choice modelling
  • Non-parametric regression
  • Create MS Word and PDF documents direct form Stata
  • Threshold regression
  • Bayesian multilevel models
  • Panel-data tobit with random coefficients
  • and more..

Stata | Data management - Complete data management facilities

Stata's data-management features give you complete control of all types of data.

You can combine and reshape datasets, manage variables, and collect statistics across groups or replicates. You can work with byte, integer, long, float, double, and string variables (including BLOBs and strings up to 2 billion characters). Stata also has advanced tools for managing specialized data such as survival/duration data, time-series data, panel/longitudinal data, categorical data, multiple-imputation data, and survey data.

Stata can be used interactively through menus and dialog boxes or through batch commands processed from a “do” file.

Stata | Graphics - Publication-quality graphics

Stata makes it easy to generate publication-quality, distinctly styled graphs.

You can write scripts to produce hundreds or thousands of graphs in a reproducible manner and export them to EPS or TIF for publication, to PNG or SVG for the web, or to PDF for viewing. With the integrated Graph Editor you click to change anything about your graph or to add titles, notes, lines, arrows, and text.

Stata | Platforms

Stata runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux/Unix platforms; however, our licenses are not platform specific.

That means if you have a Mac laptop and a Windows desktop, you don't need two separate licenses to run Stata. You can install your Stata license on any of the supported platforms. Stata datasets, programs, and other data can be shared across platforms without translation. You can also quickly and easily import datasets from other statistical packages, spreadsheets, and databases.

Stata | Flavours

Stata offers purchase options to suit your budget:

Stata/MP (multiprocessing) is suitable for the largest datasets and high performance, by taking advantage of multiprocessor and multicore computing. Stata/MP is available in 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 32 and 64 processor licences.

Stata/SE is suitable for large datasets with modest performance requirements (comparison table below).

Stata/IC is suitable for mid-sized datasets (comparison table below).


Compare flavours

Package Maximum number of variables Maximum number of independent variables Maximum number of observations

Multicore support

Time to run logistic regression with 5 million observations and 10 covariates

Stata/MP 120,000 10,998 20 billion*

2-core - 5.0 seconds

4-core - 2.6 seconds

4+ cores - even faster!

Stata/SE 32,767 10,998 2.14 billion 1-core - 10 seconds
Stata/IC 2,048 798 2.14 billion 1-core 10 seconds

You can choose between a perpetual license or an annual license.

Stata | Documentation

Stata 15 comes with a comprehensive set of manuals included electronically with the package.

Manuals can also be viewed or downloaded here.

New manuals for Stata 15 include: